Shade Sails: A Cool Way to Keep Cool

By installing a Redlands shade sail, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of hot, sunny days with little discomfort. Whether you are Renovating your Patio or Pool Area, creating shade in your garden, or using shade sails for UV protection, there are many advantages to owning a well-made shade product. Below are a list of things you should look for when selecting your shade sail and deciding how and where it should be installed.

First, shade sails are a green, cost-efficient way to stay cool. Outdoor fans and retractable awnings take electricity to operate. Air conditioning in a screened-in patio is a ridiculously expensive amenity (and you aren’t even really outside). providing shade for the family have the benefit of being cheaper than most electric cooling units (especially over time).

In addition, they are made from recycled materials that include state-of-the-art technology.

View the Shade Sail Gallery for Redlands. A porous surface protects you from the sun, wind, and rain while allowing cooling air to circulate underneath.

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There are also many health benefits to shade sails. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is offset and mood is elevated when people spend more time outdoors and in the sunshine. Shade sales block damaging ultraviolet radiation that results from direct sun exposure. UV light can cause skin damage, adult acne, skin cancer, and other serious maladies. While shade sails block this type of light, it does not block the essential Vitamin D that sunlight provides for better immunity, emotional health, and longevity. In addition, shade sails help to prevent overheating and heat stroke.

While there are many cost and health advantages to shade sails, there are other less tangible benefits as well.

They are attention-grabbers; passersby will be pleased by the beautiful colors. Sails provide an attractive location for your social gatherings, family events, cookouts, and outdoor dinners.

They even have the potential to raise property values. Additionally, shade sales provide your children with a safe, supervised play space. Sandboxes and small jungle gym equipment can easily fit under a sail, allowing kids to spend more time outside, without fear of overexposure.

Finally, shade sails are easily set up and taken down, with little or now damage to your yard or property. They can be placed in any part of a yard, making them incredibly versatile.

They can serve as anything from a makeshift, roofed patio to a tent or canopy for outdoor dining and receptions. They can be portable and temporary or part of a permanent installation. Shade Sails can be easily Installed and can be easily taken down, making high winds a minimal concern. Even the strongest, highest quality materials are relatively low in price, making shade sails a smart, beautiful, economic solution for modern living.

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